IT Support

In order to provide IT support to our families during this time, some guidelines will need to be followed in order to make sure that our IT person is not overwhelmed.

1. All student IT issues should go through your child's teacher.  They will contact IT support.  Depending on the issue, you will be contacted by the teacher or one of our IT support people.
2. VCA has enough Chromebooks for every student that currently does not have one. However, if a student device breaks, they will have to use a home PC. Below is a link to a Youtube video that explains how to create a Chrome profile on a standard PC or Mac using the Google Chrome browser. This will allow GoGuardian to function and give the student access to class resources. Here is the video on how to create different Chrome profiles for work, school, or personal accounts.

As it has been said many times, we are in uncharted territory. The internet is going to be pushed to its limits like never before. Hopefully you have multiple ways to access the internet. This can be the Wifi in your home and your smartphone for most of you. Do not be surprised if you experience an outage in your internet service or website in the coming days. If one goes down, check the provider website with your other service. One site to check is It will give you a good idea of what is happening in your area regarding cable, DSL, and cellular providers.
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South Campus: 3805 LaPorte Ave | Valparaiso, IN 46383 | 219.548.8803 

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